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Project Description
This is NOT an attempt to fork the great WCSF contrib probject. I wrote some stuff to try to extend the idea of using modules to modularizing the sitemap and using it help provide views for the navigation graphs used by the xml pageflow library. I'm posting the code here so I can get some community feedback related to the validity of ideas, the implementation and possible suggestions on improvement with respect to keeping modules at loosely coupled as possible.




I hope Im not offending anyone by posting this code as a project, I couldnt think of another way to share this code, a few people have asked for a look so far. This is a POC, its a rough implementation of an idea that would allow dev teams to work on thier modules separately including sitemaps and pageflows etc. Documentation is lean to non existant but most work is in the PageFlow.Xml project and the SitemapLoader class. The PageFlow.Xml project was originally written by the guys at the WCSF Contrib project and I have just added some small mods to the way it loads things.

On a final note, I am dying to hear whats wrong with this project, whats not best practice, and even if you think the idea stinks and why, please please let me know. I want to improve and if this sort of thing is a good idea then i want it to improve to. Contributions are welcome!

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